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My name is Kylee Macke and I am currently a junior here at Drake University. I am studying Advertising, with a minor in Marketing. I grew up in Ankeny, Iowa and graduated high school from Ankeny Centennial High School. My family consists of my dad who’s name is Sam, my mom who’s name is Wendy and my brother named Cade. My brother is currently a senior and planning on going to the University of Iowa next year. I currently live in a house off campus with four other girls! Two of them play for Drake’s softball team, and the other two play for the Women’s basketball team! Its super fun, and I love living with them so much.

My journey to get to Drake was not like most students. I am a member of the Drake University’s Women’s Volleyball Program. I play the libero position, or the one player in the other color jersey to make it simpler. This is one of the main reasons that I attend the school. Basically, when I was growing up I never really knew anything about Drake except that it was a really hard school to get into and it was known for its academics. So, naturally I was like “oh I will never go there”. I was really only familiar with Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI. Anyways, getting back to how I managed to get here, I decided to play club volleyball for IPVA in Ankeny. Coincidentally, the former assistant volleyball coach was going to be my club coach that year. You can probably figure out how it ended, she recruited me, I decided to commit, etc.

kylee macke

My friends and my family are some of the most important people in my life. Since I have came to Drake, I have met some of my best friends that I will have for the rest of my life. A lot of them have been not only through volleyball, but Drake Athletics and the family feel of the campus as a whole. I think that is one of my favorite things about this University that you don’t get many other places. Everyone is always looking out for each other despite how competitive it may be in the classroom or on the court. Drake has some of the most genuine people here and that is one of the top reasons why I would never go back and change the decision I made my senior year of high school.

Kylee Macke
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Kylee Macke

Another thing about me is my pets. I LOVE MY PETS and I wish I could have them here in my house on campus all the time. I have a silver lab named Zoey. She is 5 years old I think. A fun fact about her is that she was the runt of the litter. She also has alopecia, meaning that she never grew in her “adult hair” or the full coat that labs are supposed to have. So, she just has her baby hair and some bald spots, as well as a little strip of adult hair on her back. She also only sleeps under the covers with anyone. My other dog is a cavashon named Tucker. He is turning 10 this year! Fun fact about him is that he used to escape from his kennel all the time, even if we would put a d-ring on it. Which resulted in him wearing down his bottom and top teeth, so he doesn’t really have them anymore. Lastly, my cat named Kitty. Yes, that’s her actual name. I impulsively bought her from the Animal Rescue League my junior year of high school. My parents were not that happy, but they absolutely adore her now.

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